One thing I have to say is a very incredible things to see on this Earth is to see another person’s growth. On a personal note Tim Woods is a man I have known for about 8 years now and it great to see someone so genuine start to bloom.

All personal bias out the window, this new track “H20” has been in a continuous rotation for the last week and a half. “H20” is a slow banger that you will find yourself jamming while cruising with your windows down evening breeze blowing. It’s a late summer tale that many may know well moving slowly from memories of a past, thoughts of the future, with no regards for the present. Forgetting the past with ashes of blunts and numbing love with the bottom of bottles. Even though very short, the song is very honest and is one of the best songs I’ve honestly heard from Tim Woods. However, even being very introspective on the track Tim somehow connects to something that is a universal pool of emotions. But don’t just take my word for it:

“Tim Woods returns from his short hiatus with this banger. H2O. Already being dubbed as the break up song of the summer, H2O is the first single off of Woods highly anticipated new project HEAT.  Woods samples Mac Demarcos chamber of reflection to unveil his own story of love, heartbreak, and of course frequent alcohol and drug usage. ENJOY.”