I was doing my normal leisure browsing on Tumblr today and I came across something that immediately caught my eye. I’m not usually into fashion and styling, but I’m very intrigued by the uprising of 3-D printing and the technology that follows. Researchers have been dedicating a lot of effort towards the growth of 3-D printing technology and diversifying its capabilities and functionalities. Well here’s one way it’s being done.


A young woman by the name of Danet Peleg,who recently graduated from the Shankar School of Design, decided to come up with a way to design 3-D clothes right within her home and the results are actually quite amazing. When you watch the video below, you will see what transpired from just a mere idea into a reality.

I, personally, can enjoy the styles created with 3-D printing. The clothes are unique yet fitting to implement into the high fashion world. To think that this could revolutionize the fashion industry tenfold is a beautiful reality. As the technology for 3-D printing grows, so will the desire for young designers to practice these designs from home or an office and to grow a new culture of designing, and that’s the one thing I find enjoyable about technology.  As it grows, what we can do with it as a community and how it grows our culture is always imperative to the betterment of mankind.



I wonder how long it will take before we start to see fashion shows that implement nothing but 3-D printed clothing styles or where we can buy these collections in the stores. As fast as our society grows, I wouldn’t be too surprised to see it come into existence sooner than later.  As for now, let’s just enjoy the concept of what is 3-D Fashion Printing.