Glo’ Up!

Norwegian designers, Drap og Design, created the Interacket, a luminescent interactive jacket. This super dope jacket illuminates to imitate what the wearer is touching! The painter’s suit exterior of the jacket gives it the look of a regular raincoat. The interior of the jacket, laced with LED lights, color sensors, and two Arduino chips, allows the sleeves to light up depending on the surface you touch.

Interacket by Drap og Design

The idea of Interacket began with exploration of how animals interact with their surrounding. This curiosity lead to the development of how to mimic animals unique qualities using electronics and wearable items. Patterns of change and natural movement were studied in order to find the right speed and direction of the color adaptation. Settling on the chameleon, the studio began to designed the garment to replicate its surroundings in a similar way to the color-changing reptile. Just like a chameleon, if you touch a green wall, your body will light up green; if you touch your friend’s blue shirt, the jacket will turn blue.



Whether you want to glo up’ and light up the night, or be a human chameleon, this defiantly cool outerwear will certainly turn some heads.