Something enlightening is coming to Houston sooner than you think!

Made in New York Art Show
If you are wondering how can you visit New York in Houston, this just might be the perfect Sunday art show for you, and what makes it even more tight is that it’s FREE! R&G The Art Brand is hosting their second art show, Made in New York, August 2nd at Arka Modern Furniture from 7 to 11 pm. Come out to view original photography captured by 3rd Ward Houston native, Josh Allen.

Made in New York Art Show [EVENTS]

Founder/Creator/Artist- Josh Allen

Josh Allen’s work can not go unnoticed. The Hive Society has featured Allen’s work in our recent fundraising event AXIOM. Last Summer, he showcased his first dope art show, Richard&Grace presenting Chaos, to H-Town. Now, he will be displaying his work and spreading knowledge on colliding and bridging the culture of Houston and New York! His photography will include images of what New York looks like through his perception. Made in New York Art Show will express how Houston and New York inspired the brand and are alike in artistry subjects.

Made in New York Art Show

Josh Allen showcases work at The Hive Society’s AXIOM

Both cities, Houston and New York, share similarities with fashion, art, and music. However, residence from both cities do not set aside time out to learn from each other. In New York, there is still the belief that Texans wear cow-boy hats and ride horses, and not realizing that we are growing into a high fashion city. New York is on the verge of a modern and contemporary art boom. Art galleries and museums are filling up with modern art more and more! Contrary to New Yorker’s belief, half of Houston’s Artistic expression is through modern art. Let us learn from each other to move as one culture instead of debating between who originated what.

Made in New York Art Show

MF M1 bomber /

Do not miss out on the chance to experience two stunning cultures in the art world. I am totally stoked about this event and can’t wait! Free entry and free drinks for guests 21 and up, so don’t leave your ID at home. Who doesn’t love the word FREE! For more information on the event visit: