Many of times we come across news story on TV or articles on the web and wonder how can we get active with this particular issue.

We’ll wait no further, ideal impact is an app that helps you find further resources of volunteer, donations, and help from certain news sources that interest you.

“Ideal Impact mobilizes inspired readers, pointing them in the direction of social impact opportunities based on the news content they read.” (Source)
Ideal Impact was founded by political advisor and speechwriter Olivier Kanada, with the success of crowd funding a campaign for the start of the application. It’s really simple for users to use by downloading the app from their smartphones and using their usual news sources for information. The app will algorithm to recognize an article and find links of advocacy opportunities to help.


As of now ideal impact is being Beta tested for users to get a feel of the app and fix any kinks along the way to make an ideal impact across the world!
This is a great way for non-profit organizations to fulfill their mission and reach help through new age technology! (Source)