A Mobile Photo Studio has come to Texas y’all!

Mobile Photo Studio

Korey Howell is a household name among the choice photographers in Austin, Texas.

It’s been almost 10 years since Howell opened her business Korey Howell Photography in 2006. With a growing fan base in Austin, especially amongst corporate businesses, Howell decided to open a mobile photo studio called Headshots Y’all.

Howell started in the photography business 20 years ago when she successfully grew her glamour photography franchise to 20 franchisees in malls nationwide. With a background in marketing, graphic design, and networking clubs, she started Korey Howell Photography. As she has built her clientele amongst business executives, community leaders, and media moguls over the past decade the need for a mobile photo studio seemed necessary to Howell.

“I am a photographer by trade, and an entrepreneur at heart,” Howell said. “I saw a need for high-quality headshots in central and south Austin, a growing trend in mobile retail businesses and Austin’s love of food trucks. Headshots Y’all is my way of meeting local demand, in a very Austin way, while staying ahead of the curve in the photo industry.” (via PN)

In collaboration with Cruising Kitchens, the leading custom food truck builders located in San Antonio, Howell invested $85,000 to turn a former FedEx truck into Headshots Y’all’s future luxury mobile photo studio.  The studio boasts a beverage bar, makeup station and full wi-fi capabilities. In just four weeks, the truck remodel was completed.



“When Korey (Howell) presented us with the idea of a mobile photo studio in a truck, we were excited to build it and make it unique and the best of its kind—just like Korey,” Cameron Davies, owner and president, Cruising Kitchens, said.


True to her entrepreneur spirit, Howell additionally invested $20,000 into Go Headshots, Inc. which owns and operates Headshots Y’all. The first locations for Headshots Y’all will provide mobile corporate headshots at 1700 S.Lamar and Baron Creek Square Mall. The studio will also be present at local businesses and offer fund photos for community events.

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