If you missed any part of The Hive Society’s Fashion and Art Installment, Axiom, then you are definitely unaware of the style that graced the venue as people strutted in, and showed out. Here are few of my favorite looks from last week Axiom.

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1. Lita Styles (@LitaStyles)

Whenever Lita hits a scene, her presence is known from her attitude, her poise, and her effortless stylish attributes. I love this haltered white midi dress. It’s very chic, elegant, and free. Lita paired this look with cute classic heels. She also went the minimalist approach as she allowed her tattoos to be her dazzling accessories.


2. Jam (@Jamstop)

Not only known for his height and extraordinary hair, Jam was the talk around Axiom as he sported his turquoise military jacket which was a huge crowd pleaser. Jam finished off the look with an orange t-shirt, acid washed skinnies, and stylish sneakers. This great two-toned ath-leisure wear can be versatile for many occasions.


3. Bria Davis (@confidentialqueen @htxpplproject)

Davis was the total package! Davis exhibited the summer boho festival look with her short-sleeved tan shirt with fringe accents, paired with a similar  forest green fabric wide leg pants for a very relaxed and comfortable fit. My favorite part of this fit was her lovely locks, her gold finger accessories, and her tribal native necklace.


4. Jasmine Henderson (@Jasminehender)

Ath-leisure is truly a fast approaching genre of style that is taking the street style by storm. Check out Henderson’s sport shirt sleeve t-shirt dress with the revealing dip in the front. I loved this fit because her style guided her to not wear heels to make it a classy fit, but paired the look with cute low top sneakers that created versatility and a fit that can be worn to more places than Axiom. Her only accessory was a cute black handbag which adds to the minimalistic genre as well. Good job Jasmine Henderson.


5. Alexander-Julian (@wdclassic)

Alexander well represented the casual dapper men style we have grown to love and adopt. The easy, but fashionable fit is very hipster formatted with the black brim and Jack Daniel’s graphic tee, paired with a light tone fitted denim and oxfords to add class. One of my go to fits for any gathering of the creative Millennials.


6. Andrea Jones (@Aannddrreeaaaa)

Jones is utilizing the punk style with a grey varsity crop top, mess material shorts, red multi-strapped pump, and a black snake print leather jacket. Her accessories add a great flare with a choker, a gold low hang necklace, and my favorite piece, her black quilted fanny pack with a gold chain. If you think that’s it, you’re sadly mistaken, because on the back of her jacket is a finishing touch of fringe galore.

7. Ryan Mellow (@ryanmellow)

Representing an awesome urban look, Mellow is another great to be on the list. I totally dig the black  H-Town snapback, the orange tie-dye short sleeve button, paired with dark denim fitted jeans, and all white sneakers. Surely a skater style with some class.


8. Emmanuel Fasanya (@ebfasanya_312) & Taylor Hubbard (@_Taylorraquel)

This couple looks great together. Emmanual’s fitted blazer with black lepal and tan winged top oxford brings a very dapper look; as Taylor’s black and white patterned blouse and floppy black brim gives Paris très chic.

Axiom9. Ken Nelson (@Kenkhronicle)

Ken has all the uptown funk and was giving it at Axiom. Love this GQ fit for the summer with the a matching blue blazer and shorts with a dark tone blue under shirt, paired with some black sandals, a gold watch and chain, and including a black brim hat.


10. (@Reneetomzen & @m_ _a_ _r_ _s _ _)

These mysterious lovers are lavish in style and uniqueness. I’m in love with their bohemian essence that flows through each fit. My favorite pieces will be the cropped tank with fringe accents, the colorful medallion, the fuzzy animal clutch, the long black cardigan, camo pants, and hair. Along with a great personality, this wild duo is a fashion relationship goal hashtag.


Each of these 10 style pleasers are innovators in the making, and it’s awesome to know that Houston’s most fashionable took the time out to support the Hive in this monumental way.