We thank you guys so much for your support! Houston showed up and showed out at AXIOM, our first fundraiser.

Before I get started, I just want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. I find myself overwhelmed with the love and support we received from you guys. #AXIOMHTX, has definitely set the bar high for our future events in Houston’s underground arts culture. If the East End Studio Gallery was a martini glass then AXIOM would be the perfect elixir concocted for the tastes of those who have taste. One part fashion, provided by some of Houston’s most-promising young fashion designers; one part art, produced by some of Houston’s finest young creatives; one part music, provided by DJ Auditory featuring an emotional performance by Lyric Michele. Finally adding the last and most vital mixer for this potion, the people, leaves us with the perfect cocktail for a Friday night. However, the final ingredient caused our cup to runneth-over, figuratively, which isn’t such a bad thing in reference to a fundraiser!


Artist Prell Prickens painting live. Captured by Jordan Asinas of HCWE

AXIOM began at 8:00pm with our first set of guests enjoying the gallery while the A/C was still somewhat effective. I’ll be honest, I knew that our event would be successful but I had no idea that so many people would come out. The gallery filled with beautiful people, all dressed in their best for the occasion. The vibe of AXIOM’s first hour reflected the quaint and charming character of a customary art exhibit to a more contemporary soundtrack. After about 9:30pm, the atmosphere was more akin to a crowded VIP section in Vegas on a star-studded Friday night sans air-conditioning.


First show for 9th Sage! Captured by Jordan Asinas of HCWE

It seems that at some point during the early night, someone in the crowd of 300 people attempting to make the room cooler actually turned the A/C off. Whoever did that, if you’re reading this, that was very un-cool of you. The heat continued as the complimentary Remy Martin cocktails and my favorite brew from 8th Wonder Brewery Alternate Universe started flowing through everyone’s systems. People took trips outside so that the night’s breeze could whisk away the sweat from their brow, yet people stuck around and partied through it all!

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Following the last fashion design change and an amazing performance from Lyric Michele that left viewers in the crowd captivated, DJ Auditory decided to change the pace of the party. We went from a vibe that included hits like Toro Y Moi’s I Can Get Love to turning up to Future reminding us that God’s blessing all the “Trap-Neighbors.” Hands waved and hips swayed; fingers snapped and a few electric slides began to pop up throughout the gallery. DJ Auditory made the most of the last 45 minutes of AXIOM, keeping everyone dancing and making us forget that we were in an art gallery and not a house party. He reminded us of our adolescence with songs that us 80’s babies and 90’s kids danced to in our youth on. It took nearly and hour after DJ Auditory finally cut the music and announced the end of AXIOM for people to finally get in their cars and leave. To sum this all up, I would like to describe the event using the words of a young philosopher who referenced his experience Friday by stating “It was lit, like Bic, breh!”


Artist Lyric Michele not only had an amazing performance, she also showcased some pieces in the gallery! Captured by LaTroya Brooks.

The AXIOM event had its own aura; it had an energy that people were drawn to. I would like to think that this aura or energy of the event reflects the energy and character of the member’s of the brand that produced AXIOM, The Hive Society.  I’m overjoyed that people gravitated to this event, showing Houston’s support and belief in our mission and vision. None of this would have been possible without the guys over at Houston Contemporary Warehouse Exhibition (HCWE) believing in us first. They were the sole-reason we could host our fundraiser at East End Studio Gallery and they also happen to be amazing artists as well! Thanks to Jordan, Mel and Mike! You guys are awesome! I’d like to give a special thanks to: Tim Steinke for producing the event’s visual display; Abby Diaz of Remy Martin for sponsoring cocktails & a photo booth; Rob P. of 8th Wonder Brewery for sponsoring us with a keg; and Ahrif Sarumi of Aces of Taste for helping us out at the bar! Check out some more photos from AXIOM in the gallery below!

We had an awesome time and judging from all the pictures we’re seeing on the #AXIOMHTX hashtag, it looks as if you guys had an awesome time too! If you missed out, don’t worry! AXIOM will return in the winter… stay tuned until then!

Bee Keeper