Take this as a lesson.

When the Hive say it’s live, you better believe it’s all the way live. Love to say it, so… TOLD YA SO! LOE is doper than dope, and we can repeat this phrase for eternity. Now others are repeating it, and we expect more repetition in the future. The Houston songstress has been featured on Complex.com! Is it OK for us to feel like proud mamas and papas? It seems like it was just yesterday, when she did her first interview


LOE’s latest single, “Unbreak” premiered on the site earlier this week. The songstress has come a long way from her debut EP Helloe. In “Unbreak” LOE exemplifies growth as an artist, creating more anticipation for her next project release. The record begins with LOE providing a soulful ad lib behind a slow paced jazz inspired electronic beat. The beat picks up a bit as the singer croons the first line of the song. LOE’s strong vocals hit the ear smooth. The artist still maintains the soulful trademark of her voice, and she does it with perfection.

The beat travels down a road that dives deeper into the electronic sound, as the song transitions into a beautiful neo-r&b track. LOE showcases the softer textures in her vocal tone during the new r&b vibe. The artist continues to let out emotions on a lost relationship she longs for with the reinstatement: “You’re all I want”.  The lack of closure from her experience is sensed. The closing lyrics from the track: “You’ve made mistakes/And I’ve made my own/But you’re all I want” visit and remain planted in the listener’s head, while the beat transcends into a end.

Well LOE, now WE need closure! Don’t leave us hanging! We can’t wait to hear your future releases.

Salutations and Congratulations LOE! Keep shining like the star you are!

Listen to LOE’s latest single “Unbreak” on Complex.com!

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