Look at perfection.

Our very own bee, 9th Sage has emerged with yet another phenomenal mix. In collaboration with New York photographer and good friend Kostennn, 9th has created a mix that will leave the audience with a refreshing sensation. This sensation may be the foundation of influence for the mix’s title, New Beginnings.

New Beginnings follows the DJ’s tradition of producing a collective of rare r&b grooves. The mix begins with another 9th tradition. An introduction of the DJ by a friend/guest. Kostennn gives the traditional introduction, and what takes place for the next thirty-three minutes is pure perfection.

A flawless blend of vocals, rhymes, rhythm and blues are brought together. Samples from Usher’s “Superstar – Interlude” and Jennifer Hudson’s “Spotlight” are the highlight of vocal contributions in the mix. Rap lyrics expressing organic thoughts and curiosities of love fuse beautifully with neo-soul instrumentals. So much emotion is evident in this collective. Despite the level and the diversity, the height of emotion in the mix is balanced and maintained effortlessly.

A 9th Sage mix wouldn’t be a “9th Sage Mix” without a modern rap cameo appearance. Maxo Kream’s “Sold Out” is smoothly introduced to the mix as it makes room for a hip r&b beat with samples from Enur’s “Calabria 2007”. Despite the additions, 9th Sage maintains the balance of the smooth tone with seamless transitions into tastefully contrasting r&b tunes.

As a whole, New Beginnings exudes a summer sunset aura. The mix is a pick-me-up playlist that will leave a listener in good spirits. By far, this is 9th’s best mix.

Take a listen.

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Madbliss & stonedzoo – Color Me
Elhae Ft. SPZRKT – “Take Care” (Family Remix)
Kentaro. – ONE
Sango & SPZRKT – JMK
Vic Mensa – Down On My Luck (J-Louis Remix)
Maxo Kream – Sold Out (Drewsthatdude Remix)
Gravez – Where We From (Lege kale Remix)
kaaris – Charge (carmack remix)
Su na – Hudson
Sango – Amor Rochina
Sango – Fevereiro
Goldlink – Sober Thouhgts (Chris McClenney Remix)
Amy Winehouse – Stronger Than Me (Alby Daniels Remix)
Decemberkid & Forrane – Locksmith
Chiara Noriko – Colors At Night
IanEwing & Garret Benally – MelodySoul
Dpat – Unbound



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