As we all know, Kanye West Day, excuse me, Kanye’s BIRTHDAY has just passed June 8th. It was not necessarily Kanye’s real birth that had everyone buzzing, but instead it was Kanye’s spontaneous personality throughout his successful musical career the public acknowledged on his day. Memes and hashtags flooded social media, and Kim’s over the top present to Mr. West, renting out the Staples Center for West and friends to scrimmage, are simply normal to the GOAT’s life. Let us reminisce on Kanye’s career from albums to media situations that made Kanye your worst enemy or even your hero.

Kanye West Day

Kanye poses with album Mascot in 2004

January 1, 2000, Mr. West arguably makes the best decision of his life by dropping out of college. Three years later Kanye drops his first album, The College Dropout, under Roc-A-Fella records February 10, 2004, an album that most can say was the game changer of our generation. August 30, 2005, he released his sophomore album, Late Registration, showing the world Kanye is here to stay. After the natural disaster Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Kanye spoke “inappropriately” on national television. He stated, “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” on NBC during a concert for Hurricane Katrina, leaving a lot of people in awe and unaware of what West would say next publicly that would stir up havoc.

Two years later he released Graduation September 11, making it his third album. Graduation went up against 50 cent’s album, Curtis, and of course, Kanye came out the champ with soaring record sales. Shortly after was the death of his mother November 10, changing Kanye’s life and image forever, most would say for the worse. He then released 808’s and Heartbreaks, peaking at number one on the billboards of 200, while mourning and going through a bad break up. In 2009, Kanye West interrupts Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech claiming “Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time,” at the VMA awards, putting Taylor in a more than uncomfortable place, as well as the audience who had to watch it all unfold. This particular incident could be Kanye’s personal life making him act out, or we can just say this is Kanye just being regular old outspoken Kanye.

Kanye West Day

Kanye West interrupts Taylor swift’s acceptance speech at 2009 VMA’s

2010, Kanye drops My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy being the most hyped album of the decade, one that we will never forget in music history. Three years later, West releases Yeezus June 18, and in the same year Kim K publicly announces her pregnancy with North in 2013 making this Ye’s positive image change, but as usual only to a few. Currently, Kanye has toned down his outspoken characteristic and is now working on the release of his next album, SWISH. I am sure it will top the charts as most Kanye joints do.

These are just some of Kanye’s key events in his career. Mr. West tallies in heated up interviews and paparazzi showdowns. So are we really celebrating his birthday, or his oh-so-entertaining-foolery and game changing music. Who cares! Whether it’s giving Sway his first TV or making the greatest hits of our generation, where would we be in social media without endless Kanye quotes and memes?!

Kanye West Day