On this day in 1837, Houston was incorporated as a city on the Banks of Buffalo Bayou.

The founders decided to name it after the president of the Republic of Texas, good ole Sam Houston.

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Within 100 years, the city was the most populous in Texas. Today, by several accounts, it is the fourth largest city in the nation – and the most diverse. As a Houstonian, you’ll encounter cultures from every corner of the globe as you traverse neighborhoods, and actually witness greater plurality as you get farther from the center of the city and into suburbs like Pearland and Missouri City.

Originally, the economy of Houston boomed because of its close proximity to the Port of Houston, which in turn funded the construction of the railroad in this area. Not even a century after its establishment, oil was discovered – which led to an improved port industry. Development accelerated, and within coming decades, the foundations of both the Texas Medical Center and NASA’s Johnson Space Center were laid.

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Exchange, commerce, energy – the port, space, oil, medicine – the practices and industries that shaped Houston’s growth would be incomplete without a reference to arts and culture. Renowned not only for world-class galleries, museums, and performance houses, Houston is known in popular culture as a capital of music – specifically, the strain of Southern hip-hop crafted by industry heavy-hitters such as DJ Screw, the Geto Boys, and UGK – the work of whom put Houston on the map as a “cultural origin” of the genre.
Wherever you are on June 5th, whether at home or abroad, take a moment to throw up the H as you nod your head to our cultural finery:

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