I’ve been searching for years and years  for the right one and I finally found him.

I never gave up and will never give up on true love,

In the end my patience and faith came through

In the end, I found the right one.

He might not last forever but I am looking forward to the times we will spend together.

He is my temporary lover, the guidance of my soul.

The one who makes me feel brand new,

The one who doesn’t judge me from my shots.

He is my temporary lover because,

This is not a fairy tale,

This is just the beginning to a new story,

The beginning to the adventures of the serendipitous one.

He is my temporary lover,

He’s guiding me to my future,

Helping me explore my talents.

He is my inspiration,

He helps me see the goodness in flaws.

He helps me capture the goodness of life.

He is my temporary love,

Because he is superficial,



But he is my kind of truth,

Because he doesn’t lie.

He is my temporary lover,

Because he is art,





He is all that I am.

He is my temporary lover,

Because he’s like my Sonny,

Though he is petit,

He understands me more than anyone.

He is my temporary lover for the simple fact that I am

Not ready,

He lets me simply pursue me and achieve success.

He is my temporary lover,

Since I am not looking to settle;

Because I am still searching.

In the end, he might just lead me to permanency



This poem was inspired by my first camera purchase(Sony W350 ) a few years ago. I was inspired to write this poem the minute I received the shipment. Happy to share it with you. Enjoy!