I am deeply involved and captivated by George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones, now in its 5th season, and if that makes me a nerd so BEE it!

If you’re like me, watching the show is not enough. As I fall in love with the characters, I’ve found that my child-like wonderment has sparked a hunger for more. I want to know who these people are that have infatuated me to the point of holding allegiance with Khalessi, at the edge of my seat pondering Jon Snow’s full potential, and in this hot Houston summer heat dreading the winter that will no doubt-idly lead to our demise. So with the help of my fellow bees I thought to share the things I’ve found out about the cast. Here are 5 things you may not have known about the cast of Game of Thrones, because I know I was sure surprised:


Grey_Worm_Profile1) There’s More that meets the Unsullied eye

Turns out Grey Worm has some incredible talent up his sleeve. Actor Jacob Anderson who first appeared in season 3 also goes by the name “Raleigh Ritchie” is signed to Columbia Records and has released multiple music compilations. His latest EP was entitled Black and Blue which released in 2014. I love his music, and I am now a huge fan. Check him out here:




2) I Am Not Arya Stark

images-17Arya stark actress Maise Williams is more than the head strong protagonist that has captured our hearts. Turns out she’s also becoming a classically trained dancer and singer. The 18-year-old triple threat is bent on perfecting every one of her crafts and we couldn’t be more excited to see what she will have for us next. Take a look:

3) Must Love Dogs

19-years-old actress Sophia Turner plays Sansa Stark, a young noblewoman in the HBO fantasy drama Game of Thrones. And after [SPOILER ALERT] the stark girl’s beloved direwolf Lady was murdered by Queen Cersei’s order, the real life Sophia fell in love. Turner adopted Lady, whose real name is Zunni and has been in love ever since.

4) Beauty or Beast

brienne-of-tarth-1024Come to find out Brienne of Tarth is a full-fledged model! Actress Gwendoline Christie, known for her role as Brienne depicts an Amazonian like fighting machine who later reveals to the audience has had issues feeling beautiful. Well come to find out the 6 foot 3 inches actress in all her glory has been stunning audiences for years. Found first by photographer Polly Borland, the actress became his subject in the series entitled “Bunny.” What a beauty!


5) The Mother of Dragons

And lastly, in case you were in desperate need of one more reason to love Khaleesi Queen of the Dorthraki …she sings! Actress Emily Clarke who is also currently staring in the Broadway adaptation of Breakfast at Tiffany’s is also an amazing singer. Although may of you might know that she is set to star in the upcoming Terminator remake as Sarah Conner, what you might not know is that she has an angelic voice that could move mountains and end wars. A woman of many talents; Khaleesi we love you. Check her out here


Now I’m sure I’ve left out TONS and TONS of very interesting facts so if you have one I need to know about comment below! I will no undoubtedly have a part 2 and three and will definitely shout you out! Thanks again! Now back to my GoT binge watching marathon..