That summer heat is creeping and its time to revamp that closet.

Your corridor of fashion is an extension of your own personality and life, and it must be renewed. Here are a few steps to clean up that cluttered closet and bring in those new styles for the new season.

  1. Prepare For The Give Away: Let’s be honest, no one likes to get rid of clothes they feel a connection with, but we must be ready to put away things that don’t belong or does not help move your style to new and better things. We must know how to move out, to move
  1. Set Up Categories: Before starting this process, you must designate categories. These sections are here to help organize your closet. The main four sections to have will be Yes Pile, No Pile, Goal Pile, and Try on Pile. Yes for things we keep. No for what we let go. Goals pieces you are dying to strut in. Try-Ons for items that need chance to plead their case.
  1. Place’Em Where They Go: Once the sections have been positioned, start sorting. This session is not only for clothes, but it can also go for accessories, shoes, and other essentials for your wardrobe. Do not hesitate to place any piece of clothing in the Try or No Piles. We Must learn to let go!
  1. Make An Outfit: After the sorting is finished, its time to work with the Try Pile. Like spoken before, the Try Pile is for second chances. This is where we try on the pieces, see what we can do with it, match with it, or get rid of it. Once again, do not be afraid to put some clothes in the No Pile.clo
  1. Put it Back: Now that your closet is sorted in the last three piles, it’s time to put it back. By grouping all your clothing together by type and style will keep your closets organize. Does not matter about the sequence, just as along as every piece is grouped in its right particular clothing section. Make it, make sense.
  1. Look Up, Take Notes, & List: Take a step back and examine your closet. See what you have, what you don’t have, make note of it whether on your phone or written out. This is where you begin to figure out things you are lacking in your closet. Whether you need more pants, fewer shirts, or if a section is just right. This will help anyone figure out what to buy once you are ready to shop for more clothing. Always take note of the style you are going for and what your key fashion items are. For me, my personal style is hipster and I love fall colors. I love the plaid and jean material. Most of my spending is diverted to those styles and pieces.

These are basic steps to help anyone be on the right track for a new you, new closet. Add and subtract steps as you please. This is a way for you to make shopping for apparel more affordable and acceptable. It’s not an everyday thing, but I recommend a clean out every season. Make it your own. Your closet is a representation of yourself and just like your closet; you must do for your life. Clean it out with things that are not useful, get organize, and write down what things you need, want, and lack, so through this summer you can actually shop for the things that bring you happiness, whether a friend, love, career, or that new pair of shoes in the department store. It’s up to you to make it happen. In the words of Fresh Prince, “It’s Summertime Baby.”