Hannah Faith

Influenced by legendary individuals such as J-Dilla, Pete Rock, Gill Scott Heron, Solange Knowles and other creatives, Hannah Faith is a London-based Selector (DJ), wanderlust, and all-around creative apart of the online collective/label/radio show, Soulection. Hannah’s future is as bright as her amazing, and nurturing, spirit. Hannah’s aim is to share her music worldwide, with each set a nod towards artists she admires that share her values, to be eclectic and fun. What began as a way to share her current tastes and discoveries with fellow musically inclined folks lead to Faith becoming internationally renowned for her craft. Since 2013, Hannah has seen her uploads quadruple in plays averaging around 50,000 plays per. Hungry to continue pursuing a career as a DJ, she is most certainly one to keep your eyes and ears on.  Listen to Hannah’s latest mix, “IN BLOOM,” Below.

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Mikkoh, also known as Sharon Oh, is a multidisciplinary artist and an up-and-coming musician residing in Atlanta, Georgia. From engineering design to visual art to sound selecting, Mikkoh meticulously strives to create a one-of-a-kind experience and a movement behind a brand. Taking after her mother’s love of music, she picked up piano, guitar, and flute at a young age and enjoyed scouring dollar bins and the web for the rarest tracks. Her inspirations stem from her classical training, her mother’s vinyl collection, and her childhood in the hip hop and rap-heavy city of Atlanta. Her natural inclination toward musicality and rhythm led her to pick up DJing. MIKKOH continues to build her repertoire by bringing a refreshing and eclectic perspective to her DJing style, blurring the clearly set lines between different genres. Listen to Mikkoh’s latest mix “CHERRY,” below.

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Eden Hagos

Eritrean-born, San Diego-based selector, Eden Hagos is a prophet of future sounds. A self-proclaimed beat scenester, Eden’s selections draw from her fellow West Coast influencers: AbJo, Mike Gao, eLan, Gonjasufi, The Gaslamp Killer and the whole Soulection movement. Her mixes feature future bass and soulful, sample-heavy remixes that are the perfect presentation of hidden talents, which Eden believes carry the sound of Tomorrow. Listen to Eden Hagos’ latest mix, “T E L L Y O U,” below, which is amazing.