The amazing graphic designer & illustrator,  Zak Tebbal, basically made a dream we had no idea we had into reality. Zak has created a pretty dope children’s book out of Kanye West’s Bound 2, called Bound 2gether.

Bound 2gether follows Kanye, the coolest kid in town, and a baby chick, Kim, who turns out to be an actual baby chick. When Kim runs away and goes missing, Kanye searches all night and all day for her until he finally learns that, “One good chick is worth one thousand chickens.” HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Alright, sorry.


In an interview with The Fader, Zak says he created this book as part of his senior design thesis at New York City’s School of Visual ​Arts, where the prompt was to take an important piece of art and translate it into another medium.

“The translation of ‘Bound 2’ into a children’s book felt appropriate because the only audience that Kanye isn’t reaching right now is toddlers, and they are missing out on some of the important life lessons that Kanye has to offer. As a big Kanye fan, I felt the need to fill this void.” – Zak Tebbal

Man, just ponder on this entire idea for a moment. This opens up the door to so many other possibilities. What if Zak did an entire series?! C’mon, think about it. What if Zak transformed other Kanye favorites into children’s books like Runaway or Flashing Lights?!

“I’ve definitely thought about how I can push this Kanye-for-kids idea further. I started a project called ‘Baby Yeezus,’ which is a baby version of the Yeezus album.” – Zak Tebbal

Hear A Sample of Baby Yeezus Below:

Baby Yeezus – A new project I'm working on. Click for sound!

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I don’t know about you guys, but this is probably one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a very long time. The creativity is out of this world, and it’s for children. Can’t go wrong with the children man, can’t go wrong.

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