Vince Staples follows up the release of his track “Señorita” with the amazing video for it, directed by Ian Pons Jewell.

vince staples,

9 millimeter, my brothers my keeper
Was serving that ether before I did features
My mamacita, she know how to greet me
She know how to keep me

The Long Beach, California rapper follows up the release of his hard-hitting track “Señorita” with the amazing, gritty visuals.

 This video takes place in a what appears to be a post-apocalyptic suburban war zone. While a Hispanic tattooed man lip-syncs Future’s hook, Vince Staples performs in the back of a pickup truck. Sticking to the theme, bodies drop one by one as giant guns fire from the distance, and it ends with a Caucasian family smiling and laughing at the misery of the people through a glass window that includes the entire video as if they’re in two different worlds. Pay close attention to Vince Staples, he’s pushing the limits and making a statement.

vince staples

Watch Vince Staples’ “Señorita” below: