Celebrating the release of her latest album, You Should Be Here,  Kehlani releases “The Way” featuring Chance the Rapper. You Should Be Here is available to stream and purchase.

Lani Tsunami has done it again! The Oakland-based singer/songwriter gives the fans a sexy single from her newly released album, You Should Be Here. Although her debut release Cloud 19 is less than a year old, the 19-year-old is making good on the attention and positive reception she received during this year’s SXSW. It’s apparent the emotions keep coming and she brought it all to the studio as You Should Be Here distances itself from the cutesy love songs on Cloud 19. The growing pains of love can be felt the most on tracks like “How That Taste” and “Jealous.”

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Yesterday, Kehlani released a new single, “The Way”, to celebrate the grand occasion of her new album. “The Way” is a sexy, how the hell did this shit happen, oh baby? track. On the Jahaan Sweet-produced single, Kehlani and Chicago’s Chance the Rapper go back and forth about a carefree rendezvous after the club lets out. Maybe I’m not used to slow jams, because I got excited that this sound is back. Funky, slow jams that are talking about sex, but the vulgarity has a subtle sex appeal? Yes, yes, and more yes. It’s hard to explain, but Kehlani singing “it’s the way you f*ck” doesn’t seem off putting in the least bit. As soon as the beat drops, I know that this is immediately going on the “Boom Boom Room” playlist… if such a playlist actually existed.

Listen to Kehlani’s “The Way” below:

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