Finally, the moment the masses have all been waiting for!

Australian producer, Ta-Ku, releases the first single from his upcoming project Songs To Make Up To, which is the follow up project to his Songs To Break Up To LP. “Love Again” takes you down a dreamy and emotional wave of nostalgia. The song is a story, a journey. The title is pretty self-explanatory. Throughout the track, JMSN sings angelically and soulfully about loving again and that everyone makes mistakes. If he could have another chance to make everything right, he’ll take it and be a better man because he doesn’t want to go through the struggle of missing someone he loves the most. It hurts too much. The gospel-esque sounds were so perfect I had chills with JMSN’s vocals complimenting the production’s every movement. This is definitely a different side of each artist and certainly shows the evolution and growth, and maturing, in Ta-ku and Sango. Press play and let your mind go on a trip to nostalgia. Also, you can pre-order “Songs To Make Up To” on iTunes, and also pre-order it on vinyl! Enjoy.


Stream Below: