A podcast is a digital medium that consists of an episodic series of audio, video, or digital radio that can be downloaded through web syndication or streamed online.

The term “podcast” was coined in 2004 by combining the terms “iPod” and “broadcast.” Throughout its 10 year lifespan, podcasting has grown exponentially, with tens of thousands of podcasts currently in existence.

I’ve never actually fancied myself the type of person who could spend hours of my workday listening to people talk. I always thought Gucci Mane could get me through my shift. Podcasts always seemed like they were for old people. However, some podcasts are very amusing and mentally stimulating. Mental stimulation can make all the difference in getting through the monotony of a desk job.

With the sheer volume of podcasts that exist right now, there is surely something that you could get into. Whether you want to learn, relate, or laugh, there is a podcast for you. Listed below are a few favorites of that I regularly tune in to.

NPR- Microphone Check


“The voice of hip-hop at NPR.” Microphone Check is an awesome weekly podcast that does great, in-depth interviews with huge stars and up-and-comers alike. Hosted by NPR music editor Frannie Kelley and one-third of the legendary group Tribe Called Quest, Ali Shaheed Muhammad, this podcast gives great insight into the mind and artistic approach of your favorite musicians.

Girl on Guy with Aisha Tyler


In keeping with the theme of in-depth interviews with awesome artists, Aisha Tyler’s podcast: Girl on Guy, goes inside the mind of many different artists from writers, comedians, techies, chefs, musicians etc. Tyler puts her own spin on her shows by including her “Self-Inflicted Wounds” segment where her guests tell an embarrassing story from their past and what they learned from it. Guy on Girl is an awesome podcast and can be inspiring to the creatives out there.

Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know

For my conspiracy theorists, Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know is an amazing, informative podcast that dives into the details of many different types of conspiracy theories. From UFOs, to ghosts, to government cover-ups, the guys on Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know do a great job of connecting dots you may have never thought to put together.

This American Life

This American Life

This show is consistently rated as the number one podcast on iTunes for good reason. This American Life is a weekly public radio show hosted by Ira Glass and produced by the Chicago Public Media. This show covers a vast array of topics from the school to prison pipeline to military theater programs. The podcast often has a very story-like format that makes it easy for the listener to stay engaged.

The Black Guy Who Tips


Last, but not least, The Black Guy Who Tips is currently my favorite podcast. The hosts Rod and Karen are a married couple whose comedic podcast is not only hilarious, but it is also informative. They cover current events, random thoughts, TV shows, and music among other things. With great segments such as “F*cking with Black People,” and “Guess the Race,” it is difficult to not be entertained while listening to this show.

So, next time you are having difficulty getting through work or any other time-consuming task, try a podcast. They are not just for old people anymore.