The name Eric Dingus was mentioned by one of my personal friends that heard his music during a set at SXSW.

Dingus was home schooled from an early age and actually was included in to hip-hop music until around the time of 9th grade.  Relatively young Eric (20) from Austin started his music journey at the age of 16 using the Ableton software after being introduced to NWA by his parents.

Eric Dingus

Knowing very early after his start of production that music was his calling, Dingus dropped out of high school and started to pursue his music career more seriously. He would wake  up early every morning to go to a local coffee shop to network online. He credits social media for being one of the key elements to his recent success. Social media’s influence on his success is apparent  when you look at his connection with OVO creative director and co-founder, Oliver El-Khatib, who is best known for his very dreamy, spacey production, which has  influenced by Houston’s own DJ Screw. He bases his production around the moods of Japanese horror films such as Kario and Ringu.  Eric Dingus, through his original production and many great remixes, has gained major recognition on Soundcloud. This connection  has put him in a position where he has done many well-known remixes, most notably OVO’s HAW Eric Dingus Mixtape.

The Hive Society itself has been involved in the past with HAW festivities, including our park clean up and upcoming events that for this summer. As a music fan along with my personal connection with Houston, this mixtape is a musical odyssey to the stratosphere. His style has a very spacey sound that be manages to merge into slow southern base throughout the mix, reaching into the crates of music that I was honestly surprised he knew.  What is also striking to me is the relatively little information that can be found out about Eric.  It’s amazing that many artist of this day  can still keep themselves mysterious despite the prevalence of social media. Eric has also built a fairly large discography of more than 12 projects as a producer under the age of 21. He is part of the artist collective Prime in which he works closely with the Toronto rapper Jimmy Johnson. Early his year he was credited with co-producing “Now& Forever” on Drake’s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late.