With his debut album releasing a day early, Action Bronson is planning to make you know his name and why he’s one of the best “Eastcoast/Beastcoast” rappers  in the game today.

Already with a stunning and buzzing resume under his belt with his Blue Chips mixtape series, Dr. Lector album and collaboration albums with producer greats Alchemist in Rare Chandeliers, and Harry Fraud w Saab Stories. It was already understood that Bam Bam as they call him, gets busy.
Having released three incredibly great singles already from this album (Easy Rider, Terry, & the CHANCE the RAPPER assisted Baby Blue). Along with equally dope videos for each single. His videos are just plain and simple mind-fucks! We haven’t seen videos this creative and comedic since Missy Elliot in her height of fame days. His antics and rhymes are just as witty as his personality. From the kitchen to the booth Bronson gives his all. Hopefully this gives you something bob your head too while Kendrick magnum opus isn’t in your ears.