The popular social media-driven homeless feeding event aims to feed 600 in Austin during SXSW music festival.

Our #HashtagLunchbagHOU  friends bring you some exciting news! More than 600 of Austin’s homeless will receive a free lunch through the interactive, social-media driven global initiative #HashtagLunchbag on March 20th and 21st as part of the inaugural #HashtagLunchbagSXSW.

“Every year thousands of people ascend on Austin and take a little from the city, we wanted to be able to give back as a way of saying thank you,” said Monica Jones, one of the coordinators of #HashtagLunchbagSXSW and a coordinator for the City of Houston’s #HashtagLunchbag.

On day one, the HTLB team will partner with our good friends at ScoreMore Shows, to coordinate volunteers who will meet to make 300 lunches to distribute to Austin’s homeless at a special ScoreMore location. All volunteers who are interested must RSVP at: If you’ve kept up with our past HTLB projects, you’ll know they’re a lot of fun and allow you an opportunity to learn to be a gracious giver.

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On day two, entertainers, music industry influencers and more will make and distribute lunches at Front Steps located at 500 E. 7th St, Austin, TX 78701. Participants include Karma Jonze, Reggie Coby, DJ Hella Yella, Big SANT, Cardo, Trakksounds, Scotty ATL, Onehunnidt, Doughbeezy, Doeman, Hope Dealers Public Relations and more.

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About #Hashtaglunchbag

Born on Christmas Day 2012 in a Los Angeles apartment by a small group of friends, #HashtagLunchbag has exploded into more than 60 cities across the globe, using more than 2,000 volunteers to distribute more than 30,000 lunches to those in need. Social media has played a large role in the event spreading across the globe because attendees are encouraged to share their experience on their social media accounts during the event.

#HashtagLunchbag’s mission is to be a humanity service movement dedicated to creating fun environments to bring together divers groups of compassionate people in local communities across the world to focus out and give back in local communities. More than 30,000 public photos on Instagram using #HashtagLunchbag as well as city specific hashtags showcase the outreach efforts across the globe.

We hope to see you at HashtagLunchbag SXSW!

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