Soulection’s beat producing prodigy Sango and singer SPZRKT (Spazzy Rocket) surprise fans with a seven-track EP.

Earlier this year, SPZRKT announced that he would be making a record with Sango and they delivered fully.The collaboration between the two artist creates a dreamy futuristic R&B sound that kept me listening. The EP features previously released track “JMK” and the lone featuring artist, Waldo, who adds dope bars to the track”Loneliest Times.”

The artist present the free EP as a “thank you” to their fans who continually supported.

Hours Spent Loving You is a summation of how relationships are viewed both earthly and heavenly. This project was created for the people who have deeply supported SPZRKT & Sango. So in return, they felt it was right by giving thanks, and allowing these people to understand their stories in and out.

With SPZRKT new album Bonfire coming this summer, Soulection continues to bring one of a kind music and artist to the fore front.

Listen to the EP below and download Hours Spent Loving You here and make sure you let the Bees know what you think.