@antbluejr (left) and @americanmatthew (left) of BIYDIY. Photo courtesy of @elijahxdesign

Going on tour is commonly associated with the success of artists, gaining a profit and the marketability involved in order to gain such a return. Creative artists Anthony Blue Jr. and Matthew Nelson defy all odds of this notion in their recent journey. Utilizing the Internet, social media and their network of friends, family and colleagues, the two have formulated the Believe In Yourself Do It Yourself Tour (#BIYDIY): a self-promoted tour through 10 cities in the span of 30 days. Starting in New York and ending in Texas, this expedition consists of breaking those barriers that stand in the way individuals from achieving their dreams.

BIYDIY omits the bulls*** of a tour. Booking venues, profiting from cover charges and unavoidable travel expenses. Such expenses are particularly greater in proportion when adding nearly a dozen different cities to the equation. The group will curate the musical and visual vibes at each venue internally. Leaving no room for any respective in-house entertainment. Adding Elijah Design to document the whole process, BIYDIY is an event for the people, by the people.

These gentlemen are acting out on an idea. The idea aims to produce an experience for the individuals who attend for absolutely nothing in return. For free, at no cost at all to attendees. However, traveling throughout these 10 cities will surely cost thee gentlemen. The calculated expense for transportation throughout the tour estimates at $4000. Of course, this is plus (or minus) any unanticipated occurrences that may happen along the journey.

If you would like to contribute to the BIYDIY tour, please head over to their INDIEGOGO page to read about these expenses in-depth, check out the cool perks and contribute to the effort.

The tour will make two stops in Houston at the end of the month. Make a note on your calendar and be sure that you do not miss out on this. This is a testament that anything is possible so long as you put your mind to it.