Take A Visit to The Red Room of Pain– Fifty Shades of Grey Released Last Week.

It’s here! It’s here! Finally the long awaited film-adaptation of E.L. James’s erotic thriller Fifty Shades of Grey hit the box office Thursday night. The sexy BDSM “love” story of graduating college student Anastasia Steele and the mesmerizing billionaire Christian Grey. Since the announcement of it being brought to the big screen, the best-seller has been stirring up a lot of noise. With teaser trailers and a racy soundtrack being used to build the anticipation, fans were forced to face the same jitters as Anastasia while waiting to enter Christian’s office for the big interview.

"Eat." The infamous coffee shop date. Photo: IB Times

“Eat.” The infamous coffee shop date. Photo: IB Times

After binge reading Fifty Shades of Grey and giving up on the second installment Fifty Shades Darker, I must say that this film delightfully grasped my attention more than the books. Kudos to Dakota Johnson who perfectly conveyed the personality and character of dear Anastasia Steele. She captured the innocence, playfulness & witty attitude; just as I imagined the actual Anastasia to be.

Christian: It’s just beyond this door, my playroom.
Anastasia: Like your X-box and stuff?

"Enlighten me then." Curious Anastasia enters the playroom. Photo:Slate.com

“Enlighten me then.” Curious Anastasia enters the playroom. Photo:Slate.com

Unfortunately unlike his co-star, Jamie Dornan was a bit disappointing as the enchanting Christian Grey.
I’m not sure if Dornan was in a deep trance to commit to the role of the cold and mysterious character but something about his performance just didn’t have me sold. Fifty shades of dull. I found myself laughing as he blandly tried to execute one of the most memorable lines of the first book. “I don’t make love. I f–k. Hard.” Ha, sure you do. Due to his lack of oomph on the screen some sections of the film suffered from a lack of chemistry, but luckily once the lights went off magic between the two was definitely in action.

Photo:Universal Pictures

Photo:Universal Pictures

Many were worried if the erotic scenes from the books would be accurately executed in this film and I must confirm that they definitely were. These steamy scenes were performed with tasteful flashes of nudity, sultry tunes from Beyoncé, Sia and Ellie Goulding, flashes of whips & tools and random giggles from Anastasia. It was not as much sex as I would’ve expected but it surely wasn’t watered down.

Steamy moment in the Red Room of Pain. Photo: Universal Pictures

Steamy moment in the Red Room of Pain. Photo: Universal Pictures

Although it came off a bit more on the romantic comedy spectrum the final scenes of the film set the tone of the first installment of the series. Being witty, seductive and nicely balanced, I give Fifty Shades of Grey a B+. Now I’m eager to revisit the books and prepare for the sequel. Already setting records with $8.6 million at the box office, this film is the second highest Thursday night showing for an R-rated film.(CNN) I expect it to hit some serious numbers this Valentine’s and Presidents Day weekend.

Will you be seeing Fifty Shades of Grey this weekend?