As anticipation and rumors stir about what Drake has planned for the sixth anniversary of So Far Gone, he releases a 15 minute short film titled, Jungle.

The internet has been clamoring about if there really is going to be 2 Far Gone  released on the 6th anniversary of Drake’s game-changing So Far Gone. With the exception of letting us know his team is going to have spring 2015 popping, Drake has stayed pretty mum about his moves.

So when the timeline and my Google alerts set ablaze with chatter of Drake unexpectedly releasing a short film titled Jungle,  I couldn’t help but wonder if he really is preparing us for a very long weekend.

Between adorable clips of a young Aubrey emphatically rapping The Fugees’  “jail bars ain’t golden gates…those who fake, they break…When they meet their 400-pound mate..” and old footage of Drake circa 2008, Jungle’s cinematography is interesting to say the least.

drake, jungle, so far gone

The film opens with a pensive and monotone Drake on a winding road in Toronto reflecting on fame, the demons he’s battling and life in general. Jungle also features a score from long time friend and collaborator Noah “40” Shebib and if you listen closely, I’m almost certain those are new songs we can expect to hear  in the near future.

Watch Jungle below:

What did you think of Jungle? Looks like it might a very long OVO weekend…