On this epic first week of Black History Month, in 1992, Michael Jackson premiered the music video/short film for “Remember the Time.”

“Remember the Time” was the second single off of Mike’s eighth album, Dangerous, and featured several of the decades pop culture icons (as if the King himself wasn’t enough). The video was directed by John Singleton, the “IT” director of the 90s, whose resume also includes Higher Learning, Rosewood, Boyz n the Hood & Poetic Justice. Appearances included cameos & roles played by: Iman, Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson, members of the Pharcyde, etc. And we can thank the legendary Fatima Robinson for the groundbreaking video choreography many of us are still trying to perfect via the Michael Jackson Experience for Nintendo Wii.


The video’s story line features MJ as the only wizard to successfully intrigue the Pharoah’s (Eddie Murphy) wife, played by Iman. The Pharoah takes the wizard’s entertainment as an advance made toward the Queen and sends his guards after him. The wizard flees into another room and continues to dance his way through what looks like a city square, only to end up back in the palace, where the epic dance sequence begins.

“Remember the Time” is the definition of Black Excellence, from the ancient Egyptian set-up to the choreography to the actors themselves. I think it’s a great way to kick off Black History Month 2015. The video also really makes me miss what a big part of music videos dance and choreography used to play. In fact, I challenge you to gather your squad and learn the choreo this week. It’ll be great cardio for those of you still holding onto those New Year’s Resolutions and a great way to pay homage to the late King of Pop.

Turn the volume up real loud & enjoy!