Houston Furniture Bank has turned “Spring Cleaning” into an impactful non-profit organization.

Since 1992, Houston Furniture Bank has donated to over 21,000 families in need. The 501 c3 non-profit organization chooses families that have been referred to them by social service agencies and non-profits. On a mission to fill empty houses while helping the environment, Houston Furniture Bank has saved over 3,000 cubic feet of potential landfill.


There are multiple avenues in which you can donate. Monetary donations can be accepted in the form of individual money donated, money donated to a family you adopt, or by becoming a sponsor. The Houston Furniture Banks is always accepting furniture donations to contribute to the thousands of furniture that gets distributed to those in need. See the full list of items that HFB accepts here.



For those who want to volunteer their time HFB needs volunteers to fill a variety of roles including furniture repair, printing, I.T., and truck deliveries…to name a few. For more information, visit the Houston Furniture Bank volunteer page.

Lastly, The Houston Furniture Bank has a system set up that allows 501 3c ceritified organizations to become partners by donating a minimum of $50.00, which is the annual partner agency fee. Any organization interested in becoming a HFB partner should call (713)-842-9771


The Houston Furniture Bank Outlet Center was created as a means for bringing in funding to the non-profit organization. The items sold are generally new or gently used and were donated by major furniture companies. All items at The Houston Furniture Bank Outlet Center are in good condition and sold at “thrift-store prices.”


Mattress recycling is another service that The Houston Furniture Bank partners in. With the assistance of Finger Furniture, New Tech Global, the Brown Foundation, and Harris County Probation Department, the Mattress Recycling Program has been initiated. The initiative was started because of the thousands of mattresses that get dumped every year that adds to millions of cubic feet of landfill. Whether a mattress is in great condition or barely usable, the programs finds a way to recycle these mattresses.

D.I.V.A.S, Decorating Interiors-Volunteers At your Service, is a group of volunteers, through The Houston Furniture Bank whose mission is to makeover the homes of families nominated by case workers. Using furniture that was donated to the HFB, D.I.V.A.S.’ purpose is to “make empty houses into homes” for families in need. They also offer a $300 mini-makeover service to those who are interested in professional services while providing the $300 to furnish a mattress for a child’s room.

The beauty of the programs that The Houston Furniture Bank have set up is that both parties involved win. Those that donate are cleaning out their homes, while helping prevent the accumulation of landfills in Houston, while also donating to families in dire need. This Spring when you are cleaning out your homes or moving into a new apartment, be sure to check out The Houston Furniture Bank and the services offered.

“To thrive, humans require simple creature comforts.” – Oil Mohammad

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