tim2Beyond the Pines…figuratively that can be considered an understatement when you’re talking about the tour featuring RetroKash, Freddy Inglewood and Tim Woods. Fittingly, the name of the tour is titled Beyond the Pines and surely these acts are bound to take you further than just beyond the pines. These artist do more than just display there artistic visions and talents, they energize the party and you get caught in the blaze. The last time I caught their show I was so impressed at their performance style, as well as the music, that it became necessary to start following Tim’s career but now the opportunity to catch him headlining his own tour is a must to make this power move to catch him.


Now that that’s out of the way it’s a must that you get familiar with FreddyING. A native of Inglewood Cali, Freddy can say that he has come from beginnings just as humble as his demeanor. He didn’t get into writing raps full time until what he says was a departure from the basketball court and immersed himself in the sounds from some of the greatest to do it, Dilla being the first of notables in his list of influences. It was because of that type of influence, as well as the respect for a sound producer+rapper, that has pushed me to become more familiar with the producer+rapper that he is today. Freddy has collaborated with Tim and a collection of Houston producers making lasting music, but 1dynamic about his Cali/H-town connection is Tim’s manager and the owner of Skinny Guy Clothing, Tory Ramirez. Tory and Freddy are childhood friends so when Tory and Tim got together it is was only a matter of time before Freddy and Tim would mix things up. Now as a team they have come together behind a movement making good music for good times and even better vibes showing us how to eat good and prosper.


For the purpose of respect and not to snub any of the other artist involved however, I must admit that I was unfamiliar with RetroKash because I failed to single out his music to listen. So doing my Pulitzer Prize worthy research (Googled it, YouTubed it) finding a collection of his songs I took some time and listened. I’m the Man, Houston State of Mind and I’m Gangsta just to name a few, now I can say he’s okay. He is the personification of a young gangsta in his gangsta Nikes, reppin his hood, rappin and rollin to his own beat. After watching a few clips of him performing for the small crowd in a public setting I am curious about his song selection and stage performance in front of crowds of fans and could-be strangers on the stage.

All in all, I am ready to see all the artists perform, from RetroKash’s calm, hardcore raps to Freddy Inglewood laid back, lyrical ballads and Tim’s wild, country rap tunes. This tour should be live! It’s sure to take you Beyond the Pines!!! See you there!!!

’til then, Peace!!!