Helping to build positive body image one girl at a time, Lillie B. Girls promotes positive body image, educational achievement, and moral excellence.

In a world where it is becoming harder for young girls to find a reliable role model, non-profit organization, Lillie B. Girls has provided an avenue for positive role models to influence the younger generation. Lilllie B. Girls was inspired by the great-grandmother of Lillie. B Girl’s founder and executive director, Karena Simon. Karena’s great grand-mother, Lillie B. Brown, referred to in her family as “Nini,” served as the heart of her family growing up. Lillie B. Brown was revered for her “candid words of wisdom, generous spirit, witty sense-of-humor, and warm disposition throughout her lifetime.” Karena was inspired to start Lillie B. Girl’s after the impression her great-grandmother made on her life. After her great-grandmother passed away in 2007, Karena sought out to continue her great-grandmother’s legacy through mentoring girls by providing love, support, and inspiring higher self-esteem, thus Lillie B. Girls was created.

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The mission of Lillie B. Girls is focused on  mentoring and empowering girls ages 6-18 by promoting self-esteem through target areas. Instilling a belief that every girl is smart, beautiful, and brilliant, Lillie B. Girls focuses on body image, high morals, and academic excellence. They believe that it is vital to cultivate and encourage girls as young as elementary school age because during those pivotal years is when many children develop self-esteem and body images. Through providing interactive environments, Lillie B. Girls encourages positive body self-esteem through inspiring  self-expression. With the financial support of numerous sponsors and partnering with community organizations, Lillie B. Girls helps  girls identify their strengths and express their insecurities in a welcoming atmosphere.” Positive Body Image awareness is about girls learning to truly embody acts of self-love, self-confidence, self-respect, and self-worth.”

Within the community, Lillie B. Girls conducts numerous workshops and seminars. The I Love M.E. Project is an experience that usually takes place over an eight to ten week program or in certain cases, a one day workshop. The purpose of the program is to instill the affirmation, “I love myself and everything about me, the way I am.” The project includes group activities and open discussions that cover various topics such as self-esteem, peer relations, girls’ health and preventative education. At the end of the workshop, volunteers hope to have given young girls the tools they need  to grow into successful young ladies and women who love themselves and are confident in anything they pursue in life.



Lillie B. Girls is always looking to add more responsible, positive role models to mentor young girls. The organization is looking for volunteers and internal volunteers. The volunteer positions include: youth leader, LBG Ambassadors, Speakers, and Fundraising/Event Volunteers. Internally, the organizations needs PR reps, Bloggers, Photographers, Administrative Assistant, Videographer, and Digital/Graphic Designers. If you are interested in volunteering, sign up here.

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