Upon realizing that the new Kevin Hart movie is not being released until January, my date and I decided to go watch Chris Rock’s new movie Top Five on Christmas evening. I hadn’t seen any previews but I was convinced it would be funny. The lies we tell ourselves. The movie wasn’t awful but since I went in with the expectations to be crying tears of laughter, I came out the theatre highly disappointed.

The main character of the movie, Andre Allen, who is played by star Chris Rock, has hit a valley in his comedic career. The story line unfolds and Andre spends the day being interviewed by a feisty reporter from the NY times, Rosario Dawson. Andre takes on this interview in the hopes that he’ll get good publicity for his movie that is being released that day about the Haitian slave rebellion. Andre spent his entire career doing comedies and decided to venture out and do a “serious” movie. We all know that it’s pretty difficult for some comedians to be taken seriously when they take on more serious roles.


Ironically, that is exactly how I felt watching this movie. I personally have never watched Chris Rock portray himself in a serious manner on screen, it hurt to watch. Although there was dry wit and humor, there weren’t very many moments were I found myself cracking up. I kept waiting on the big knee slapper to come but it never did. However, the movie directors definitely felt that the amount of nudity was enough and fitting for the movie. There were probably more sexual scenes in the movie than funny jokes.

There were ample opportunities for the movie to pick up and become interesting but instead it was filled with several adults who seemed to be and regrettably sober aimlessly trying to maneuver through life. With such a star studded cast such as Gabrielle Union, Rosario Dawson, Cedric the Entertainer, and Kevin Hart, it had the potential to be much more. At the end I had hopes for Andre and the reporter, who seemed to have made a love connection amidst the madness, but the cliff hanger of an ending will leave us always wondering.