Clothing Brands Dope on Arrival NYC and Liberty United

It’s practically impossible to ignore the unrest in the United States and the increasing numbers of Americans no longer standing for the sexism, injustice, racism and most recently violence that has plagued our worlds.

Police form a line in the street under a holiday sign after a grand jury returned no indictment in the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri

2014 was an incredibly violent year: School shootings in all grade levels, most hauntingly the deaths at UC Santa Barbara caused by a young man we discovered in his twisted manifesto deep-seeded, misogynistic beliefs that sex and women’s bodies were owed to him, domestic violence in professional sports, see the complicated elevator-gate of Ray and Janay Rice, sexual violence on our college campuses such as the case of Emma Sulkowicz, the Columbia student turned living martyr who has carried the mattress she was raped on every time she’s in public as a symbol of protest, and the gun and racial violence that has taken over all international media in the unfortunate, unjust killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.


In these grim times, I know I’ve struggled with finding any positive outcomes in these matters. I’ve toiled with internal reflection and external pressures for society asking, “where do we go from here? How do we learn from this?” Ultimately, I’ve found that I am most proud of the oh-so-necessary dialogues sparked in this country and beyond due to the previously mentioned events.

I am inspired that thousands of people, young and old, feel compelled to use their first amendment right to protest the decisions made by grand juries in the Brown and Garner cases. I am proud of the women coming forward and sharing their gut-wrenching stories of survival of sexual traumas- empowering themselves and refuting the harmful label of victim. I am honored to be part of a generation, refusing to be idle and openly expressing their discontent with the world and offering variables for change.


These sentiments are shared universally across the country amongst many. It was only a matter of time before current events began to surface in art. I’ve seen many paintings and heard many songs regarding violence in America and now the conversation has moved to fashion. I’m sure you’ve seen the slew of celebs and athletes sporting “I Can’t Breathe” t-shirts in solidarity for Garner’s death, but that;’s not the only wearable item provoking conversation.


Dope on Arrival NYC and Liberty United are just two fashion companies that are turning disheartening events into a teachable moment.


“Dope On Arrival NYC is the brain child of Imani Johnson. Tired of clothing that didn’t say anything significant, Johnson’s vision for DOA NYC is to have conversation starters; clothing that sparks dialogue amongst the reader and the wearer. Johnson’s many inspirations for this line include the love of the NYC borough of Brooklyn and self awareness/consciousness.

DOA NYC is designed and manufactured in Brooklyn, NY.”





“Gun violence is rampant in the united states, but it doesn’t have to be. We believe if we stand united, something beautiful will happen. We believe that courage and common sense can change the world. and you can, too.”

“Proceeds from the sale of liberty united jewelry and art go directly to programs working to reduce gun violence including the collection and destruction of illegal guns. We then transform illegal guns and bullets into exquisite jewelry and art to complete a virtuous cycle. Every piece of jewelry we make is made from and bears the serial number of an illegal gun or bullet that has been removed from circulation. Twenty percent of profits of the Pamela Love Collection and the Armani Exchange Collection and Twenty-five percent of profits from the Giles & Brother Collection go to this mission. These profits fund programs in partner communities that are working to reduce gun violence in the United States, to help young people at risk, to help the families of gun violence victims and to help remove illegal guns from circulation.”

Please take time to check out these awesome, socially conscious fashion forward companies inspiring change. Dialogue is the first step in the long journey of progress we as an American society and collectively as a human race have in front of us- but don’t forget to listen as well.