As the captain of your ship, you must be aware of your surroundings and circumstances at all times. You have to know the weather forecasts, make sure all equipment is working on your ship, and that your crew members are well trained. However, in life, sometimes things do go haywire and the decisions we make in those first crucial moments determine whether our ship will sink or stay afloat. Whether you face inclement weather or one of you crew members’ jumps ship; as the captain, you must stay level-headed and think strategically.



So your top crew member jumps ship and you’re headed into dangerous waters,IMG_2844[1] now is not the time to panic or lose your cool. You must assess the situation and what needs to be managed. Be realistic about the intensity of your problem and assess what needs to be fixed. You might have loss your job and have a stack of bills that need to be paid or maybe your car just broke down and you have no idea. Whatever the situation is, asses it objectively without allowing your feelings to cloud your judgment.Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset


Acting without planning is a recipe for failure. Some situations may require immediate action but failing to plan is a plan to fail. After the situation at hand has been assessed, steps to a solution must be thought out . Again, now is not the time to panic because your sink will ship. Determine a plan of action and play it cool. Plan how you want to solve the problem at end.

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Executing your plan is the most important step of saving your ship and managing the rough seas. Execute execute execute. The best thing to do is a have a plan when everyone thinks you would be falling apart. Perseverance and character is built from being strong and pushing through when life throws you off track. When life throws you curve balls, swing back.


After you have executed, the only thing to do it to accept the results of your plan and move forward. Nothing is to be gained from dwelling on the past too long. Your situation is only temporary, whether good or bad. You define your situation, your situation does not define who you are. Perception in the end is reality. The rougher the seas, the more skilled a sailor you can become if you hold on and fight.

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Sail on bees.

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