So today in “Beyonce is making music that makes her happy news,” the Queen released a seemingly homemade video for “7/11”, a song that we’ve heard snippets of for a few days and that will be included on the re-release of her self-titled album that dropped mysteriously almost a year ago.

Bottom line: I love it. Three minutes and thirty seconds of Beyonce and friends twerkin’ and gyratin’ all up and through what looks like a hotel or two and a real nice home. She’s making ratchet music and she’s having fun; you know me, I think that’s dope. As anyone that grew up in the music industry will probably tell you, it’s not always fun. It can be very rigid and demanding. If anybody knows about that life, it’s Beyonce. So, I think she deserves to have this fun and I’m grateful she let us be a part of it.

Beyond that, I’m always looking at big picture ramifications, so I see absolutely nothing wrong with carefree Black girls turnin’ up and doing hotel choreography in their undies. We’ve all done it! And if you haven’t been drunk in a hotel room with your besties, you’re missing out, let me tell you. Make that a goal for 2015.

Any who, there’s not a whole lot to say about this video, other than I think it’s fantastic. I could yammer on about women being multi-faceted and being able to represent every piece of their personalities. I could talk about how folks are way less critical of male artists releasing turn up music. But, I mean, whatever. Beyonce and her friends are raggedy, just like me and my friends. And that’s mad comforting, honestly.


Watch Beyonce’s 7/11 video below:

Haters gon’ hate, potatoes gon’ potate. Go ahead and press play and see for yourself.

Don’t forget, the re-release includes two new songs (including this one) and four remixes, along with the ten live performances from her HBO special and the original CD and DVD.  Avail yourself, if you so choose.


… I’m going to go watch this here video a few more times. *shrug*