Watch the recap video from #BeeThankful project where The Hive Society & Scoremore partnered for a great experience for volunteers to attend Big K.R.I.T.’s Houston stop of his Pay Attention Tour.

Our very first #BeeThankful project was a success!

Thanks to the good people over at Scoremore, volunteers we’re able to give a few hours at the Houston Food Bank in exchange for tickets to see Big K.R.I.T.’s Pay Attention tour.

Volunteers helped sort 260 lbs of food to create 1800 meals to feed Houston families.

The opportunity was truly rewarding!

Check out our recap video below:

What brought this experience full circle was the amazing show that Big K.R.I.T. gave his Houston audience!

pay attention tour, big krit

Photo Credit: Nic High

I’ve made it no secret: I’M A KRIT fan. I’ve written about him here here and here

I first saw him in concert during his Return of 4eva  days and I fell in love. Not in that sense  (even though he is “pretend bae”) but I fell in love with KRIT as a performer.

He puts soooooooo much energy into his performances. His crowd engagement was unlike any I had ever seen, which was amazing because he was still relatively underground.

The Pay Attention tour was no exception. The crowd at Warehouse Live was THICK!

I stumbled in and pushed through  hundreds of people to get a better view because I knew we were in for a treat.


two-9, pay attention tour

Photo Credit: Nic High

The Atlanta-based  rap group Two-9 opened for KRIT for the entire Pay Attention tour. I had never heard of Two-9  until their song “Humble” was featured on KRIT’s See Me On Top Vol. 4 .

I liked the song, but didn’t really check for any of their other music.

I personally believe Houston crowds can be extremely tough on new artists, especially outsiders, so I was curious to see how Two-9 would handle the ever-fickle crowd of Houstonians.

I most enjoyed their performance of “Drive Motherfucker Drive” where the repetition of “I ain’t had nothing, I ain’t going back” seemed to get the crowd going. I also appreciated them performing “Hail Mary Jane” which samples one of my all time favorite Rick James songs ever!

I also liked DJ Osh Kosh‘s stage presence, and she was really vibin on her birthday. I might make her my WCW soon…

For a tough Houston crowd,  Two-9 did a good job at partial crowd participation.

Big K.R.I.T.

While the crowd grew anxious, DJ Mr. Rogers gave us a little relief with his great mixes. I’m glad to know there’s always room for a little ratchet music.

The the “KRIT! KRIT! KRIT!” chants erupted among the crowd and Mississippi’s own exploded on stage!

From the moment he stepped on the stage in front of the Cadillac replica of a DJ booth, KRIT was electric!

He asked the audience “What’s a King without a crown, ho?” and we went nuts!

Any KRIT fan would appreciate his set list. He performed his DJ Infamous track “Somethin Right” from and the crowd got a little wild while we all let everyone know  that we were, in fact, doing something right.

pay attention tour, big krit

Photo Credit: Nic High

He ran through “new Agenda” where I got a hearty laugh at one of ya’ll’s uncle getting LIVE while emphatically rapping “Bitch, I got a new agenda!”

KRIT brought out Rico Love to perform “Pay Attention”. Rico Love came out in a Gold-studded leathery jacket, resembling a Beyonce-inspired Bowser from Mario Kart. In addition to the distracting jacket, his vocals just didn’t sound good. The crowd near me spent the duration of the song with our faces scrunched up. Now I’ll say this… when I heard the snippet of “Pay Attention” that’s featured on See Me on Top Vol. 4 I said the song had potential. I also believed it would have been a great collaboration track for Drake and KRIT. That’s my opinion and this is my post, so I’m not too concerned if you disagree…   Moving on.

Naturally, you can’t come to Houston, where slabs are still very much on everyone’s dream car list and not perform “Rotation”.  Additionally, your rap show isn’t a rap show if you don’t have guest appearance from at least two notable Houston rap artists. Dem da rules. Big K.R.I.T. didn’t disappoint! Slim Thug performed “Just Chill” and Uncle Bun B did “Country Shit” and “Mo Better Cool” with Big Sant.

pay attention tour, big krit

Photo Credit: Nic High

pay attention tour, big krit

Photo Credit: Nic High

The most shocking moment of the evening was when KRIT performed “Time Machine” and surprised the crowd with an appearance from Chamillionaire. I haven’t seen him in… a long time. The crowd loved it. I loved it. It was a good day in Houston.

I think it’s worth noting that KRIT seems to have great stage chemistry with any artists he brings out. It all seems so natural and is if you’ve got a sneak peak of a fun recording session. Those interactions make the concert experience all more authentic. The laugh of the night is hen Chamillionaire took the opportunity to remind KRIT of some night much earlier in KRIT’s career when a New York crowd booed him off the stage. Now I personally found the tangent mad awkward but I’m sure it was all in jest. Fact of the matter is that KRIT performed to a packed out venue and gave us a great show.

The most memorable part of the entire show was the vulnerable moment the crowd and KRIT shared when he performed “The Vent”.

I know you been down so long, So I’ll be stronger for you
I know you been down so long, Cause I’ve been down too
Yes I understand, What you’re goin through
Yes I understand, Cause I’m goin through it too
I pray that you find your way, and all things old become new
I pray that you find your way for my sake, cause I’m lost too
Yes I Understand, What you’re goin through
Yes I understand, Cause I’m goin through it too
I lost my friend this mornin’, woke up screamin her name
She meant so much to me, I’m scared I won’t be the same
Hope you understand, what I’m goin through
Hope you understand, when I call out for you
To vent.

1500+ people belting out these lyrics was chilling!

pay attention tour, big krit

Photo Credit: Nic High

Not one to leave us on a somber note, KRIT closed out the show with his most anticipated song “Mt Olympus“. The raw emotion he spilled on the track definitely translated well into his performance. This was the song I heard that told me KRIT was tired of being humble. Not that I think he’s no longer humble, I just think he’s demanding the respect he deserves.

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Did you attend the Houston stop of the Pay Attention Tour? Did you enjoy it as much as we did?