Our Bee Sheridan wants everyone to count their blessings and BEE Grateful this holiday Season! She gives you 15 ways you can show your gratitude!

  1. Write someone a thank you note/card to tell them how much you love and appreciate them.
  2. Bring your co-workers a simple breakfast in the morning such as donuts or muffins.
  3. Cook a meal for someone in your life who has been stressed or hasn’t had the time to cook. Pinterest has great recipe options.
  4. Call someone and let them do the talking. Family members, especially grandparents appreciate “just checking on you” phone calls.
  5. Do someone a favor without expecting anything in return. (You know, like Volunteering with The Hive Society for #HashtagLunchBagHou!)
  6. Give yourself extra time in the morning driving  your commute by leaving early. The less stressed you are the less angry you are you likely to get when someone cuts you off on the road. (Remember: everyone has somewhere to be in the morning, not just you)
  7. Donate clothes, blood,  canned food, or  anything else you know that someone out there may be in dire need of.
  8. Give your time to others.; your friends, your significant other, your family, a stranger. Time is valuable, giving someone your time shows them how important they are to you.
  9. Write a positive review about a product you’ve purchased, book you’ve read, or business you’ve visited.
  10. Let someone who only has a couple of items in their basket skip you at the grocery store.
  11. Donate cat and dog food to the local animal shelter. We sometimes forget that they are also in need of donations.
  12. Take time out of your day to listen to someone’s story. Many people are waiting for someone to care about who they are outside of work or the classroom.
  13. Practice patience…with yourself, others, elderly, etc. Give people the space to be who they are and accept that good things take time to grow and develop.
  14. Eliminate complaining from your daily routine. Every time something “bad” happens or does not according to plan, look for the positive side.
  15. Last but not least… SMILE. Smiles are contagious and so is positive energy. Brighten someone’s day or brighten your own day.


Bee Grateful This Season!