“akjdf aljfsdofiwe lajoifja ljkasoia Beginning! From the jalf aofjeim fnaoifje alkmfaioaem woife aljf beginning!”
–Young Thug, LifeStyle

Ok, ya’ll know that I’m crazy as a road lizzard in the middle of a hurricane trynna pop that nussy for a real n—-. I get that, ya’ll get that. I may not understand a lot of peoples thoughts and opinions, but I will fight to the death of me for you to have those things. We all deserve to be heard and speak whatever our truths may be. Then there is the rapper Young Thug.

Lately he has been under a lot of fire for his Mike Brown response on the red carpet and his lack of contributions to the game. At first I didnt understand, then it hit me like Brandy driving a Toyota truck with shades on…ITS CAUSE I DONT UNDERSTAND HIM OR WHAT HE IS SAYING!!! Not only that, but this brother is giving us penny raps and charging dollars for it. Can someone please find the gatekeeper of hip hop and slide him one time on 3rd ward for him letting him (and a few others) in the game please?! I mean dang! Here he is with a MAJOR deal and hits on the radio, yet artist like Logic and Big K.R.I.T. are still mostly underground and fighting to save the multimillion dollar culture we love so much. Now, I’m not about to lie to yall…when I hear “I count six shots…BUSSIN OUT THA BAND-O…I JSDFLK AJFOIEWMFA AKLFJIAJA AKLJJEIJFAJ” I goes in! However, I would not pay to see him in concert with my hard earned amerikkkan dollars. I’m holding current artists, both underground and commercial, to a certain standard because that’s what I’m held to as a beginner (and my fellow Bees who do music or who thrive to be the top in their field). Maybe he is doing this for the monetary gains that hip-hop can provide, but it shouldn’t come at the expense of adding EVEN MORE WATER to the game.

But what do I know, I still think Rakim is a dope lyricist and dream of a game with real emcees who sound different…

Miracles and Blessings…Shug Avery.