Undeground artist G.Q. is interviewed by Sheridan Labbè on HiveSociety.com

Born in New Iberia, Louisiana, GQ was raised in south Phoenix, AZ and the West side of Houston most of his life. Growing up in several cities contributed to his diverse view of how he views life, especially with his frequent trips to New Iberia.  G.Q. has been through and seen a whole lot in his life. GQstAtus originally appeared in 2005 with Xposure Tha South, then linked up with Mista KT, a former affiliate of Dirty 3rd Records. He has been grinding in the southern underground arena for years. Among hip-hop critics, G.Q. has been described as, “Barry White meets pimpin Ken.” His deep baritone delivery and vivid rhymes is what distinguishes him from other artists in the underground hip-hop circuit. The 6’6″ emcee is often compared to Slim Thug due to similar voice inflections but what sets him apart from his peers is his natural ability to adapt and mesh with any crowd. Whether tailored in a classic button down or styled in the latest street brands, G.Q. has the mastered the art of being relatable to any fan base.


I sat down with G.Q. to get the scoop on his background and his diverse persona.


Sheridan:What inspired you to get into the music industry?

G.Q.: My love for music since a child and its ability to reach people with just your words.

That makes sense. You definitely have to find your passion for reaching a person. How do you mesh your music and fashion style?

G.Q.: My style, like my music, is sophisticated yet urban!

What artists do you look up to in the industry as your muse?

G.Q.: Nas, Scarface, UGK, Outkast, 8ball & MJG, Big Pun, Kanye. I could go on forever so I’ll stop lol.

If you could remake any song that has ever been made,  from your list of inspirational artists, which song would you choose?

G.Q.: I’ll give you two, Nas – “The Message”  &  Jay’s – “Where I’m From”

Describe your music in three words.

G.Q.: Trill, Unpretentious, and Relatable.

Every artist has unique rituals before their shows. Before a show, what’s your ritual before you go on stage?

G.Q.: Gotta drink either Hennessy or Crown on the rocks, then a quick prayer!

Haha interesting joke! When is the next time we can see you perform live?

G.Q.:  Right now I’m focusing on writing and recording for my new project and shooting videos for songs off my catalog.



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