9th Sage: What inspires you?

Kay Davis: Time is important to me. I often find it hard to let go of my childhood and nostalgia plays a big part in my life. It also contributes to the way I see colour. As we get older it’s as if we get scared of enjoying colour and tone down our curiosity, not for our selves but to comfort others. I don’t like that. I like to remind people to not let go of that inner kid and push that into my work. The things that inspire me deeply don’t always reflect in my work as much as my personality and character does. But what and whom I find inspiring are watching Tim Burton films, analysing and reminiscing on old Hype William music videos and being around good company. Everyday is a chance to connect with someone and learn about things you may have never known to exist in this world or life time. I’m very lucky to grow up in a city with so much talent on the come up and it’s always a reminder to up your game, support and share the things that your passionate about because behind that talent is energy that we all need to feel inspired and motivated.

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9th Sage: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Kay Davis: I don’t ever want to feel as though I’m chasing a clock, however in 5 years time I will be 29 and just like everybody else I got goals. I want to be financially comfortable with the ability to make my ideas even more tangible.

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9th Sage: What wisdom or advice would you give anyone with a dream?

Kay Davis: For any one striving to achieve their dreams, my advice would to be to never exhaust yourself over thinking. If you got an idea and a passion that you really want, don’t down play it with doubt. Don’t be afraid to fail. It’s better to learn by mistakes than sit there and say I wish and get mad at the world because you don’t have what you want at that very moment. No one knows you more than you know yourself, have conversations with yourself but try to avoid doubt pulling you into your own bubble. Understand that you don’t feel passion for no reason.

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