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There was a time back in the day when YouTube wasn’t the mega entity it is today.  Back before Google started buying every up-and-coming tech start up and in the process creating a versatile power house, YouTube was all about generic content.  Everyday kids, friends or stay at home moms could reach their target audience and establish a loyal fan base just from being themselves and having fun.  Thanks to a link emailed to me from my brother I was introduced to the Dormtainment crew and I have been a fan ever since.

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The Dormtainment crew at the BET experience

The Dormtainment crew consist of six multi-talented guys who began doing comedy sketches in 2009.  The guys have since expanding into comedy albums, live shows and an upcoming web series on Comedy Central based on their journey. In the six short years, the growth in production and writing is obviously evident.  Even from the beginning the guys always stressed their goal was to get better as creators.  The guys have a slew of viral hits that keep the fans anticipating for next weeks content which seems to get better and better with the work they put into their craft.  The guys have even released three albums, one featuring the group and two featuring the duo of Tropical Storm.

The Dormtainment crew recently relocated to California to pursue more opportunities and hopefully establish a production company which for anyone who has seen the prices in LA is not an easy task.  This sacrifice is just part of the process to get to the next level as the networking perks outweigh the downsizing.  If you are new to the Dormtainment crew then you can start by laughing your ass of at the “Six Series” presented by Dormtainment and All Def Digital. Enjoy!

P.S #GetThemBoysAShow

– Batiste