“Love is real, love is true, love shouldn’t leave you black and blue.”
–Raheem DeVaughn


‘Tis a fact that men shouldn’t hit women. Its also a fact that we are ALL (black, white, male, female, normal, retard, ALL) taught to keep your hands, feet, and all other object to your damn self. I understood that, and as I got older, when I struck a mu’fucka it’s ’cause I was bout that life and knew what could come of it. So, in regards to this Ray Rice situation, eh, I see no victims.

Now before you cactus fucked women get to crying foul, shush le fuck up and listen. If your man gets home and he beats you because you put oregano on the spaghetti and he wanted white peppers, then yes, you are a victim, he needs help, and you need to leave. However, when you as a woman develop a pair of balls and raise your hand to hit a man (who by creation are stronger than us women, no matter what you think) hunni, you are asking to be a member of Bold Bitches of America.

I don’t know where this came from but let me make this clear, MEN ARE PEOPLE. They have thoughts, opinions, FEELINGS, and emotions. The same way you don’t want to be hit, neither do they. Just ’cause they a man, they supposed to take your abuse. #FUCK-A-DE-NO-HO. And some of you women even go as far as to use weapons and then scream “That’s right bitch. You ain’t shit, I wish you would hit me!” HO, YOU JUST STABBED HIM!! Sadly, if dude Ray Rice your ass, he wrong, he go to jail, and he lose errythang, ’cause you on the rag and don’t know how to handle your anger. *Martin Lawrence voice* Where’s the justice?! AWWWWWW, wheres the justice!?!

Ladies, don’t raise your hand to anyone, period. It’s time women stop hiding behind “men don’t hit women” as an excuse to abuse these men. In NayNay case, keep ya spit in ya mouth (idc, she wouldda caught the strong arm from me too…’cause spit is just nasty! IT’S FUCKIN’ ACID FOR CRYING OUT LOUD!). Plus, if you’re in a relationship where you feel the need to strike, body slam, spit, etc. on your partner, hunni it’s time to go. Ain’t no dick in the world, and ain’t no pum pum on the globe worth your freedom and all that you’ve worked for. Just do like folks in the hood do…get ya cousin of the same gender to whoop that ass…then leave.

Miracles and Blessings…Shug Avery.