With the release of his new album You’re Dead! less than a week away, Flying Lotus releases artistic and inspiring visuals to his song “Never Catch Me” featuring Kendrick Lamar.

*Slow clap* Bravo… seriously, Bra-f*cking-vo! There are few music videos that come out these days that offer the type of content, symbolism, or artistic depiction worthy of my feelings stirring while watching. I use the word “stirring” because it is difficult to specifically describe the emotions felt while watching this video. With the release of his highly anticipated album You’re Dead! less than a week away, Flying Lotus released the official music video for “Never Catch Me,” featuring Kendrick Lamar. Directed by Hiro Murai,  the video only shows Flying Lotus briefly in the beginning, mourning in the midst of a funeral for two young children which could be alluding to the title of his new album. The video is haunting and beautiful, as Hiro uses a cinematic twist to the tale as the children rise from their caskets as Kendrick Lamar resurrects a rhyme scheme that is reminiscent to the deep, dark and poetic “K. Dot” that recorded Section 80. This is the Kendrick I want to hear! Not that “i” crap… (yes, I said it. I believe Kendrick’s new single is pretty underwhelming…) As Hiro tries to hold your attention to the message he conveys visually, Kendrick Lamar vies for your attention by dropping bars that may be analyzed in poetry and philosophy courses one day.

“Reminisce on my wonder years and I wonder here
Sentiments of my words ain’t been so sincere
The sentiment of my nerves that I just persevere
The big thought of “falling’ off” disappeared to my fate
They say that Heaven’s real
Analyze my demise, I say I’m super anxious
Recognize I deprive this fear and then embrace it
Vandalizing these walls only if they could talk
Conversations won’t contemplate to my dark thoughts” – Kendrick Lamar on “Never Catch Me”

In Kendrick Lamar’s verse, he tells his listeners that this is not part of the physical human existence — it´s an “out-of-body experience” that you are having. So is it truly death that we see in this video? Is this Hiro’s and FlyLo’s artistic depiction of what happens when someone dies? Or is it a metaphor for the spirit of children escaping the woes of the world? You can never catch and imprison the pure spirit of a child, right? Flying Lotus and Hiro Murai concoct a perfect visual for his upcoming album which encompasses many ruminations of death and what happens after. But, before you are shocked at such an album concept being seen as beautiful, it shouldn’t surprise fans of Flying Lotus whom may have seen precursors to his fascination with death and what happens after. Check out  visuals to “Until the Quiet Comes” below.

Flying Lotus

Flying Lotus has created his own world of Sounds with his new album.


About Flying Lotus

Fellow 80’s baby Steven Ellison, known famously by his stage name Flying Lotus, is an experimental multi-genre music producer, electronic musician and rapper (alias: Captain Murphy) from Los Angeles, California. He is a descendant (great-nephew) of the famous John Coltrane and a myriad of other musicians, so it isn’t surprising that Ellison is one of the most respected musicians of this new internet-centric era in which many artists gain fans and garner respect largely due to the music/media released on the web. Knowing that his success (other than being supremely dope) can largely be attributed to the power of the world-wide-web, Flying Lotus will be streaming his entire new album online TODAY FOR FREE!!! YES!!!

To mark the arrival of You’re Dead!, which Flying Lotus envisioned as an aural journey about the spirit leaving the body, Ellison will kick off a 24-hour live broadcast of the album starting October 3rd at 5 p.m. EST on his official website. The stream will also include the feature-length film Psychedelic Death Trip by Xavier Magot. Flying Lotus will also kick off a massive North American tour starting October 9th in Orlando, Florida. – Daniel Kreps | Rolling Stone

The Stream Starts: 11:00 PM EU / 10:00 PM UK / 5:00 PM EST / 4:00 PM CST (Texas Time) / 2:00 PM PST / 06:00 AM (Oct. 4th) JP

You’re Dead! will be broadcast on loop for 24-hours in conjunction with Boiler Room. (If you don’t want to go to his site to watch it, you can catch it below! Here on the Hive)

Your ears, eyes, and every artistic fiber in your body should most likely be thankful if this is your first time being introduced to Flying Lotus… if this is the case…

You’re welcome. 🙂

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