This weekend, join fellow Instagrammers around the world to celebrate #WWIM10, the 10th Worldwide InstaMeet!

Saturday, October 4th, the town of Giddings,TX will be taken over by IGers from Houston, San Antonio and Austin (and whatever other cities in between and beyond) for #ExploreGiddings. Whether you have only an iPhone or a full-frame DSLR camera, you are welcome to join 50+ Texas IGers at this InstaMeet.

#ExploreGiddings is the combined efforts of several passionate members of the Houston Instagram community who have worked together tiredlessy to make this a meet of Texas sized proportions! The concept came about during the #SiloMeet and the idea of  having several cities involved in a Instameet was brought up by Chris Wiley of Austin. Later, Dan Joyce of Houston posted in the IGHouston Facebook group that there was an official day for World Wide InstaMeets. With only 3 weeks left to plan, Blair Truesdell, (a photographer I met at the Downtown Houston Instameet) quickly started a group text to start  plotting which city or town they were going to take over with their cameras. After being featured on @Instagood, sponsorship offers from Pixite LLC, and even a special kit was sent as a gift  from Instagram themselves, organizers expect #ExploreGiddings  to have over 100 IGers attend (just based off FB invites and IG posts). This will surely be one for the books (or blogs)!

One of the more recent InstaMeets in Houston #BikePathMeet

So why Giddings, TX? Where the heck is this place?! Giddings is a small city in Texas about 55 miles east of Austin with a population of a little under 6,000 people.  Blair Truesdell, one of the main organizers, says that everyone always explores their own city, but they wanted to do something brand new. Something more uncommon and not so cliche as a state park. Giddings will give IGers the authentic small-town Texas experience complete with a peanut factory, an abandoned early 1900’s carousel and exposure to the  “hometown hospitality” Giddings proudly states on their city website. In fact, when the organizers  reached out to the Giddings Area Chamber of Commerce about the meetup Saturday and their tourism director replied back with offers to make special accommodations for the large group so that they may explore historical or abandoned locations and recommendations for lunch spots for a party that large. How’s that for southern hospitality?

What exactly goes down at an Instameet? I only started getting involved with the Houston IG community when my friend Jordan of HCWE, invited me to the DHTX (Downtown Houston) meetup  a few weeks ago. The original location was a park but unfortunately, Houston weather, being the unpredictable a$shole that it is, decided to rain on the day of the meet so it was moved to a penthouse apartment downtown.  There were several models being shot on the balcony, couch and around the apartment building , photographers taking candids of other photographers (so meta!),  and lots of trading of Instagram handles.  Everyone was friendly to me, despite the fact that I just sat on the couch and observed most of the time. You’ll meet photographers of different experience levels and a community of creatives that want to learn and grow with you. I was skeptical about meeting people off IG but the experience was definitely unique and I left feeling more inspired to use my camera more.

Several photos from the #DHTX Meet

For Houstonians planning on attending #ExploreGiddings, IGers will be  meeting at 1:30pm at the Walmart at 290 and Tidwell (13484 Northwest Fwy Houston, TX 77040) to consolidate cars and carpool. Once in Giddings, everyone will meet the Union Station Transportation Museum (289 W. Railroad St., Giddings, TX 78942) at 3:30pm to get acquainted and then explore Giddings with their cameras! Since Giddings has that small town charm, attendees are encouraged to bring props or clothing reminiscent of James Dean or 70’s western movie. Giddings is your movie set, so try to dress the part!

Wanna keep up with #ExploreGiddings happenings? Follow the event organizers on IG:
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Our photographer Bees Nic and Eddy will be at the #ExploreGiddings meetup this weekend so if you go, say hi and get your portrait taken!