Just as we were getting restless, Big K.R.I.T. surprised fans with an announcement for a mixtape See Me On Top Vol. 4. 

So I was really hoping Big KRIT’s announcement yesterday was a release date for his sophomore studio album Cadillactica,  but to my disappointment AND excitement, he announced that he would be dropping a mixtape titled See Me on Top Vol. 4.

You might not be a KRIT fan but I sure the hell am. I’ve been waiting anxiously for a date for Cadillactica  to drop, but a See Me on Top Vol. 4 surprise is an acceptable alternative. The Southern rap phenom started his See Me on Top series back in 2005. Waaaay before I had ever heard of KRIT. I imagine the “I been on KRIT while yall were sleep” people have this in their iTunes library, and well… good for you, but I’m all out of cookies.

See Me on Top Volincludes previously  released songs “Somethin’ Right” and “Mt. Olympus“.  It also features a Slim Thug track titled “Just Chill” and an R&B/Rap song featuring Rico Love titled “Pay Attention” (which is also the name of KRIT’s upcoming 31-day tour).  With 22 tracks, this mixtape is dope and greatly appreciated!

Listen to See Me on Top Vol. 4 below:

What do you think of  See Me on Top Vol. 4?

I’m wondering if this is label rebellion or something. “Release all the stuff the label said nope to!” (Disclaimer: I don’t actually know if that’s how it works). Nonetheless, I’m hoping Cadillactica  is just as dope.

Check out Big KRIT’s North America Pay Attention  tour dates here

If you’re interested in hearing what “old KRIT” sounded like, check out the  See Me on Top series by clicking each cover art image.

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see me on top, big krit


see me on top, big krit