“Ain’t no drag…Papa’s gotta brand new bag!”
–James Brown

OK, so a lot of people have had their panties up the colon about Young Thug and his straddling the fence of androgyny and homo-thug. His pastel nails (which are snatched tighter than Trey Songz vagina), eyebrows (arched by Pegasus and his angels), tight cloths (size What the Fuck), and a shit load of other things. But what people need to realize is, a lot of these “rappers” will be temporary gay for permanent pay.

Now, like I’ve said before, who you lickin’ and stickin’ is between you and the God you serve, #Eshatatataba! However, what can be more oxymoronic than a gay rapper, especially in a genre which makes the word gay synonymous with stupid/bad? *Riley voice* Nigga that’s gay! On top of that, IT’S ATTENTION GRABBING. So, if you’re looking you’re reading, if you’re reading you’re listening, and if you’re listening, you’re buying! And at the end of the day, that’s what makes sense to a lot of people who ain’t ever ever had a pot to shit in, and a garden to use said shit as fertilizer.

How do I feel about it?! *Kevin Hart voice* I-I-I dontgiveafuck. ‘Cause the way my musical taste is set up, I’m here for the talented ones, not the gimmicks. But you gotta pay attention to more than the surface. ‘Cause a lot of these men *clears throat to sing* Do a lot just to live that there liiiifestyle…even if it means putting their sexuality, dignity, self-respect, and a whole lotta other shit, to the side.

Miracles and Blessings…Shug Avery