My homie Will hit me up one day and told me to check out an artist by the name of G-Eazy. He gave me no warning, no description, and no genre, simply a name and a few songs to check out.

I thought to myself , hmmm with a name like G-Eazy surely it’s an east coast rapper of some sort, most likely African-American.


White boy rapping and it aint Eminem.


My first impression of him was, look at this cool ass Marlon Brando lookin’ character. His style is that very much of a young Marlon Brando, hair slicked back, black on black attire, or even much like Fonzie from Happy Days. 

Young G-Eazy, or Gerald, is from Oakland, California and a ripe age of 25!! Listen these folk out here GETTIN IT at an early age, and here I am mad I gotta fill up my tank tomorrow. What I like about G-Eazy is that, yes, he is rapping, but he is rapping in what seems a comfortable skin. Doesn’t sound forced, copied, or created, just sounds like a young dude who grew up around some cool guys and had a talent for rhyming words and making it look effortless at the same damn time…..and just so HAPPENS to be white, so media will love him!

His tracks are laid back, kind of like a Drake record. Not too aggressive and not too suggestive, but just cool enough to be chill. THAT’S what listening to G-Eazy is like. Then you see this guy and you’re like WHOA he’s white! That’s pretty damn dope. He’s got his own lane, his own following, and has already put out 6 mixtapes since 2007, and 4 EPs! I’ve obviously been sleep, and I’m sure you have too. I enjoyed watching his videos, and his singles are jamming.

So go head G-Eazy! I see you out here shining!