Using social media platforms to drive and support social change, #OperationHelporHush is redefining social media activism by taking it to the streets.

I’d like to think I have a fair grasp on the dynamics of Twitter. I’d even go as far as considering myself an avid Tweeter. I remember when Mondays were reserved for music and not “Man Crushes” and when “subtweeting” was officially hashtagged with #oneofmyfollowers. I am never mum about my fascination with Twitter and what it really will mean to this generation 20 years from now. This instant contact, this constant stream of people’s thoughts… It’s the thing sociologists and psychologists have wet dreams about. Twitter has evolved since the good days of ’09 Twitter. It has it’s dark days, the days I consider deleting the app and suspending my account, but then there are those days where humanity shines through and overpowers my timeline.

Since the murder of unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, Twitter has been a very very very difficult space to be in. People are hurting. People are angry. People are scared. People want answers. As the number of Ferguson protesters grew and outsiders came to support, things seemed to get really crazy. Reports of tear gas and drones and looting and agitators… the small neighborhood outside of St. Louis, MO turned into an American horror story and now the world is watching.

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A black woman stands in the streets of Ferguson, MO during protest |Source: Twitter

As I mentioned earlier, this constant stream of thoughts is what made me realize something that I hadn’t quite given much thought to: the current condition of Ferguson, MO after 12 days (and counting) of protests. School has been cancelled, businesses have closed and/or reduced operating hours, police have set up war zones tactical stations. It’s gotten crazy, to say the least.

#OperationHelporHush is the result of a compassionate woman, Nona who’s known as Twitter personality @SheSeauxSaditty. Nona is a great cook who shares her recipes on her site and I believe her gift is to feed people, so I am not surprised that she was inspired to find ways to feed the people of Ferguson and the protesters there to support them. She tells Classick of Classick Team-Up! that she was inspired by a verse shared with her: Isaiah 58:10.

Feed the hungry, and help those in trouble. Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.

Check out Nona’s full Classick Team-Up! interview where she speaks at length about #OperationHelporHush

#OperationHelpOrHush Was able to restock St. Stephan's c... on Twitpic

In short, Nona came up with the idea to facilitate the fundraising for food and supplies to be donated directly to the people who are on the ground in Ferguson, MO.  Contributions have helped purchase items like water, sandwiches, snacks, medical supplies, and gas masks and have been distributed at several safe places in You may send contributions in any amount via PAYPAL to SADITTYCOOKS@GMAIL.COM. Funds will be transferred to trusted individuals on the ground in Ferguson so that supplies such as  wet wipes, medical supplies, face towels, hand sanitizer, personal umbrellas, deodorant, energy bars, water and other necessities may be purchased for the community. Food and monetary donations have also been made to the local food banks to help feed the community, especially the children who are not able to eat breakfast and lunch due to schools being closed.

 There are other ways you can show your support for #OperationHelporHush. #DontShoot pictures are flooding the internet where people from all walks of life are showing their solidarity for those victims of police brutality. You can order a “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!!!” shirt and all proceeds will go toward supporting #OHOH’s efforts. To order, click here.

#operationhelporhush, ferguson, dont shoot, michael brown

Order a “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot!!!!” tee to support #OperationHelporHush

You can also order school supplies for the children of Ferguson. The #OperationHelporHush team has created an Amazon Wishlist which makes it easy to order the items and have them sent directly to the #OHOH team in Ferguson to be distributed. To order from the Amazon Wishlist, click here.  

UPDATE: #OperationHelporHush has launched a website. Check out

Nona and everyone involved with #OperationHelporHush are adamant about being held accountable so they have committed to uploading all proof of purchases so that everyone can be assured their contributions are going directly to help support the people of Ferguson.


To keep up with #OperationHelporHush follow the account and the hashtag on Twitter.