“Who do ya love? Are yo fo’sho”
–Who Do Ya Love x LL Cool J

I am so sick of people. I really am. Scratch that, I am so sick of Christians and their double standards! (SN: Yes. I am a Christian so don’t say nothing crazy or I will fuck you up…Amen saints).

I see a lot of people, mainly the 11 o’clock service, jumpig down on folks who fan girl over THE Beyonce and her husband Jay-Z Knowles. “If y’all praised Gawd as much as them you would be alright”. ALRIGHT ON MY DICK *voice in my head* but Shug they saved! CORRECTION: ALRIGHTETH ON THINE DICK SAINT. (Better)

Let people enjoy the artistry for whoever they may stan for. Just because I love B and J (get it? B…J…hahhahaha. I’m so nasty) doesn’t mean they trump the Lord. I look to the hills from which cometh my help…not the On The Run Tour and the PR stunts around it (although I heard it gave all my bitches life and I AM HERE FOR IT).

At the end of the day, the same Christians who say something about people being fans of Beyonce are the same ones who used to have water (and maybe cottage cheese…Go see a gyno if that’s the case) boiling in they panties when Marvin, Al, or Teddy came on. If no one is asking you to finance their love for whoever, shut THE fuck up and worry about your walk before trying to fix someone else’s.

SN: And if anyone wanna go back and tell my mama, The Minister, what I said, feel free. SHE is the preacher, not I! I’m saved…we workin’ on that delivered part.  Lawd knows I will fuck you up in the mighty name. *Plays On The Run pt. II*

Miracles and Blessings…Shug Avery